Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hidden Meanings in Unilever Logo Finally Explained

History of Unilever Logo:

Unilever’s current mysterious company logo was unveiled in 2004. It was created by the famous UK design firm Wolff Olins and is made up of 25 different icons amalgamated into a ‘U’ shaped logo design. Each of these icons symbolizes Unilever’s diverse brand portfolio. The whole identity system revolves around the idea of "adding vitality to life”.


Top 10 Dental Product Manufacturer Logos

Everyone wants that winning smile with perfect teeth. The decisive factor for the winning smile includes the products we think will increase our whitening or will make our teeth strong. Most consumers purchase a dental product based on the promises made during the marketing campaign such as through loyalty. This is because individuals tend to buy health-related products on the basis of brand loyalty and after much contemplation instead of spontaneity or impulsive behavior.

This is why today I have collected top 10 creative logo designs of dental product manufacturers that easily earn the consumer’s trust. This list comprises of logos all over the world and not just the States.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fresh Dental Logo Design Collection!!

Every industry requires to have a business logo design which displays all the products and services of that company. A Dental Logo Design should be comprised of features related to teeth or dental tools.

Below are some inspiring dental logo design displaying all the features of dental field.


Friday, 14 October 2011

25 Amazing Dental Logo Designs for your Inspiration!!

Today I collect 25 Amazing Dental Logo Designs for your Inspiration!! These all are new and stylish logos for dental!! Here are new dental logos, I hope you like it and give me a feedback.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

3 Features of Dental Logo Design

The great thing about dental logo design is that these folks are less hard to style than their counterparts the reason becoming which individuals possess a vast know-how concerning doing so specific industry. This is an advantage for designers to make creative logo. They can use their creativity to design unique styles for their clients fantastic emblem. Today we will go to both a couple of features the emblem of dentistry that creative designers can use when its shooting style.

Use of Fonts

Right Image

Phrase to the Dental Logo

Salient Features of Dental Logos

Many people hold this misconception that dentistry is a part of medicine and thus there is no difference between medical and dental logos. Dentistry is a very specialized field and has its own particular set of patients to cater.

The prime purpose of dental logos should be to remove the fear element of its clients so that they can reliably visit a trusted practitioner for their dental woes. Hence a dental logo should give a faithful feeling to the patient that their teeth are in safe hands. Following are some of the salient features of dental logos:

Figurative Symbols:

Most of the times when you think about dental logos, symbols like bleeding teeth or teeth being operated with long needles come in mind. But this is the exact fear that drives away patients. Hence metaphorical symbols that denote care, affection and concern should be used to alleviate the fear of the patients.

Soothing Colors:

The colors being employed in the dental logos should also take care of the above mentioned factor of fear removal. While using the colors associated to teeth and gums like red and pink are employed, more soothing colors like green and blue are also preferred. The idea is to generate a soothing and reassuring feeling among the minds of patients.

Formal Fonts:

Font plays a vital role in the effectiveness of a logo design. Dentistry is a specialized and professional field and requires a sober and professional look to it. Using fonts like new time Roman and Corsiva can give the dental clinic the professionalism and sobriety it needs to impress patients.